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The easiest way to get to the race track is to take a taxi from the Star Ferry and have the driver drop you at the Members Enclosure Entrance.

You can also walk from the MTR or take the street tram, but these options are likely to be crowded. The easiest way to get back is to walk a bit away from the race track and either take a taxi or a bus or walk to the MTR.

It may be best to take a taxi to the Members Enclosure. Show your passport and then you can buy a ticket.

The Members Enclosure area is right next to the walking ring / winners circle so you can get a great view of them and also of the horse races. It is quite an interesting setting being right in the city. Get the tourist badge, it is not expensive and worth it.

The Holiday Inn Express is a recommended stay for the Happy Valley Racecourse, it is about a 10 minute walk from there. Most hotels should offer a street map with directions to the racecourse.

Inside the racecourse you can find food shops, a beer garden and plenty of seating. Races are held virtually every Wednesday during racing season, which is most of the year. The races start about 7 P.M. and run till around 11 P.M.

You must be 18 years of age to enter the racecourse, no children are permitted. You are allowed to bring a camera and take pictures of the racecourse and horses. More Tips and Directions