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Video Replays of Hong Kong Horse Races
The Broadcast Team
The broadcast team consists of Darren Flindell (racing analyst & racecalls), Brett Davis (racecaller & analyst), Clint Hutchison and Jenny Chapman (paddock analyst).

This quality broadcast team brings fun and excitement to Hong Kong horse racing. Jenny Chapman brings expert paddock analysis to the team. Rating each horse by appearance as they enter the paddock prior to the race.

Racecaller Darren Flindell an excellent handicapper in his own right, brings expert form analysis and commentary to the team. His racecalls are genuine and when the "gates release" he works his magic on the microphone.

Overall this broadcast team is thoroughly entertaining and enlightening and I would highly recommend that you listen closely as they often have interesting observations to offer. Often tipping value horses that can make a day at the races worthwhile.