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How horse racing maintains its popularity
Horse Racing has been one of the world’s most popular sports way back to even the Ancient Romans. It is incredible to think that same sport has been tweaked and adapted to remain highly popular across countries, cultures, and continents still today.

So many people tune in and buy tickets to events every year that there are new and more elaborate courses with mouthwatering prizes on offer for owners and jockeys.

Oil rich Saudi Arabia has developed their courses and provide some of the most lucrative prize purses to attract the best horses and jockeys which in turn draws the paying public and he eyes of the world.

But how has horse racing been so popular throughout the changing history of the world?
This is potentially the most obvious reason behind horse racing popularity. Sports betting, especially horse betting, has been a popular pastime for centuries.

What sets horse racing apart from a lot of other sports in terms of betting is that the underdog often has a decent chance of upsetting the bookmaker.

Bettors now have access to so much information on horses as well to help them make educated decisions on who to back and how. Their form, their ability on specific surfaces, the jockey’s style and so much more can be found and analyzed to make your decision.

There are also some good varieties of bets from winner, each-way betting and combination bets. You can find the right type of bet for you through research, or even just have a go with your gut, as many just enjoy the chance element of horse racing betting while experiencing the event live.

The Event

Horse racing is an exhilarating, high-speed event which is another reason it grips the punters and the crowds. Place your bet and as the starters gun fires you can cheer and support your horse all the way round while watching from the grandstand.

Jump every jump with them and encourage them on throughout the push further ahead and get over the finish line in front within minutes of the race beginning. There is no long wait like in cricket or 90 minutes of a football game, and all can change so quickly.

Savor the sound of the crowd as the voices of thousands of people will on their horse to reach the finish line. It is an experience which is unforgettable for those who visit the grand events put on across the world.

The Fashion

There is so much more to horse racing than the horses themselves. When you buy your ticket to an event, especially the high-end races, it is not just expected, but mandatory to dress in your finest outfits.

You will hobnob with the elite and create a atmosphere of pure elegance and class with the most expensive and fashionable selection of outfits for both men and women being adorned.

Compare, admire, and show off a little by finding a unique and stunning outfit to draw more eyes than the horses can and do all you can to steal the show.
The Atmosphere
You don’t just watch the races when you attend a horse racing event. Each venue will put on so much more for their guests to enjoy and engage in throughout the day, between races as well as after.

The food and drink is almost always exquisite and you’ll find that each venue does what it can to find the right niche and theme to ensure your trip is a memorable one.

Music and entertainment is always on offer throughout the day with a variety of styles and artists depending on the venue. DJs and pop stars, Opera or classical musicians can often be found to be performing in the evening after the racing has been concluded.

Owning a horse isn’t cheap and the event is often known to be one for the rich and noble throughout history. To train them takes time and expert knowledge as well so much more. The respect for the trainers is undeniable, but there is often a realization that the history of racing being for the rich ensures those who attend enjoy playing up to it further and reveling in the stereotype.

It’s Fun and Social

With all these races as well as events and attractions, you can get to know strangers and make new friends through the love of the sport or the experience.

Find people who have bet on the same horse or through the chance to mingle in the bars and restaurants. The racing is an event where people come to show off their finest clothing and revel in the exhilarating action of the races.

With such huge crowds being drawn to every event, the opportunities to cheer on your horse, bring a group of friends or family members and make a festival like atmosphere as the horses take to the track is a joyous experience.